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Fafaberry photofic... I don't even know what to call it

**Note** Fafaberry is the phenomenon that occurs when the Fabray Twins (Quinn and Charlotte "Charlie" Fabray) are interested in Rachel Berry. Where did this occur? Need you ask? Tumblr 'splains it all.

“Finally! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! What are you doing in here of all places?”

“Of all places? It’s the library and I’m looking at music. See?” She held up a record. “You know, that stuff your girlfriend likes so much?”

“If I knew you were gonna be in a mood…”

“Just ask me the favor.”

She leaned in. “I want to skip practice today to give Rachel a surprise for her birthday. Coach will kill me if I do it again, so I was thinking…”

“Hah! I am NOT taking your place.”

“Charlie! Come on! I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important.”

“I quit cheerleading ages ago. I wouldn’t even be able to keep up. They’d figure it out in a second.”

“Don’t even try. You could do it blindfolded. Why else would Coach still be trying to recruit you after all these years? She’s dying to have your talent on the team. The two of us alone would win nationals for her.”

“You chose the uniform, Quinn. Not me.”

“Please? Just this once? All you have to do is channel me and run the rest of the squad ragged for a few hours.”

“Oh, so I get free range to be a bitch, is what you’re saying.”

Exactly,” she replied smugly. “You know you’d love the chance to let off some steam. Besides, you owe me, sis. I’m calling in the favor.”

Having no other choice, Charlie begrudgingly agreed, and her sister was more than pleased. They switched clothes after their last class and headed in opposite directions. Charlie really hated these stupid uniforms, they were too revealing and so uncomfortable. This was her sister’s gig, not hers. She may have been good at it, but she never had the passion for cheerleading that Quinn did, and definitely not for the responsibilities that came along with it. Charlie was more than content to leave cheerleading and the ruling of McKinley High to her sister, as long as it meant she got to be left alone to do what she wanted. And that’s exactly what she got. The situation worked out perfectly for them both.

Though they shared their looks, the similarities ended there. Neither sister could understand why the other wanted the life they wanted. Charlie couldn’t fathom why Quinn would choose to be put in the spotlight with all the pressure and social drama she had to handle. Not to mention the histrionics of Sue Sylvester. She was not looking forward to the next few hours with that demon. Damn favors.

“Quinn!” Rachel appeared at the top of the stairs, causing Charlie to stop where she was. “I received your note, but please do not tell me you’re planning to skip practice again. Especially after what Coach Sylvester put you through last time…”

She should be telling Rachel who she was right now… Why wasn’t she doing that? Why did she still have her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face that was so perfectly ascribed to her sister’s persona?

Rachel sighed exasperatedly and came down the stairs to meet her.

“You’re sweet to want to do that for me, baby, but I don’t want you to get in trouble. Okay?”

Why was her heart racing like this? Why couldn’t she speak? Why did her knees feel weak to have her sister’s girlfriend so near?

Then Rachel kissed her.

“Go to practice,” she urged with a soft smile on her face and Charlie knew she was the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen. “I’ll meet you afterwards and we can have that surprise then.”

As Charlie walked through the halls, her head held high and hands on her hips as she effortlessly channeled her sister, people scattering to let her through, she thought maybe there was something to Quinn’s life after all.

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