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Fafaberry photofic... part 3 "The Switch" (yes, its titled now!)

“Hey,” Rachel said softly.

“Hey,” Quinn replied.

Her girlfriend’s birthday had all but been a disaster. When Rachel didn’t meet Quinn on the steps like she asked, Quinn went looking for her, only to find a very confused girl. It took all of one and half minutes to figure out the story. From explaining the switch, to Rachel’s wide eyed stare of horror, her gasp as her hand flew to her mouth, to the mistake being revealed.

Quinn had never seen red like that before.

After confronting (punching) her sister, Quinn had tried to rally for Rachel’s sake and continue on as planned, but it really just ended up being an awkward, somber night. Today was no different.

Though it was an accident, and it really wasn’t her girlfriend’s fault, she was having trouble forgetting the fact that Rachel had kissed Charlie. Rachel, the girl she loved, who should be able to tell the difference, hadn’t known. It hurt more than she was willing to admit.

Charlie had managed to avoid her since the altercation, locking herself in her room as soon as she came home, knowing Quinn couldn’t start a fight without their parents getting involved. Then she had left the house extra early to go to school, she was gone before Quinn had even woken up. She had yet to see any sign of her twin all day.

“Perhaps we should come up with a code word that only we know so as to prevent any future mishaps,” Rachel joked lightly.

The thought made Quinn sick to her stomach. Now they had to have a code word for her to know the difference? Okay, so they looked alike, but goddammit! She should be able to tell!

“I don’t think so,” she replied sharply and slammed her locker, walking away.

Quinn,” Rachel said imploringly and she knew she had to stop.

Turning around reluctantly, she let the other girl approach her.

“Please, you can’t be angry at me for this. Charlotte tricked me. I-I mean she wasn’t just dressed like you, Quinn, she was acting… I mean, just the way she looked at me, I thought…”

Thinking back to the gym yesterday and just how flawlessly her sister had managed to make everybody believe the switch, it made her wonder if she was able to impersonate Charlie quite so well as Charlie impersonated her. Quinn knew how convincing the act was, having witnessed it firsthand. How could she fault Rachel for falling prey to it? Yet, it still hurt. Downright killed her even.

Charlie’s words were haunting her still. ‘Worried she’ll think I’m a better kisser than you?’

“I know,” she replied thickly. “I’m not mad at you. I’m upset with her. I don’t know why she would do something like that… The way she was acting yesterday was so not like herself.”

Rachel reached out and took her hand, squeezing it lightly.

“I love you, Quinn. Don’t ever doubt that.”

“Is there something I should doubt?” She hated how her voice had cracked.

Rachel gave her a reproving look. “You don’t honestly believe that.”

“You didn’t know the difference between us when you kissed her, Rach.”

Were those tears now? No. No. No. No crying.

“Quinn!” Rachel tried to pull them closer, but she couldn’t handle it right then and held back. “Stop this,” she whispered. “It was barely even a kiss! I have absolutely no feelings for your sister, except a healthy dose of anger for what she pulled. She may look like you, but she’s not you. You are my girlfriend.”

Quinn sighed, trying to let herself be convinced. “Swear I’m a better kisser than her?”

Rachel gave her such a look that she almost laughed.

“That doesn’t even deserve a response. I have to go to class. Are we alright?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, “We’re alright.”

Rachel kissed her on the cheek and walked away. As Quinn watched her go, she still couldn’t help the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She didn’t say yes.

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