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"The Switch" - Part 11

Charlie had just gotten home, put her keys on the hook, shrugged off her coat, and was about to head upstairs to her room when the doorbell rang. When she saw Santana standing there, she burst out laughing.

“Why are you dressed like that!?”

Santana rolled her eyes and shoved her way into the house. “You’re one to talk. Look at you! Not that it’s any better than the way you usually dress.”

“And what’s wrong with the way I dress?”

“You usually look like a decrepit hippie bag lady that gets her wardrobe by trolling every skuzzy thrift stall on a Cali beachfront.”

Charlie raised an eyebrow warningly. “You’re lucky I like you, S, otherwise I’d kick you in the shin right now.”

That didn’t seem to faze the other girl. “Why are you dressed like Berry anyway?”

“Lost a bet with my sister.” She made a face. “Don’t ask. But you seriously have some explaining to do.”

Santana covered her eyes wearily. “Britts…got it in her head that she wanted to bake me something so Puckerman gave her a brownie recipe that included a ‘secret ingredient’…”

Charlie started giggling. “Oh, no.”

“Oh, yes,” Santana sighed. “I had no idea and ate six of them.”

The blonde clapped her hand over her mouth.

“Exactly. So I don’t really know the deets, but it somehow involved letting B dress me up like this and getting our lady loving on to like the tenth power. She just left to go to motocross practice, but I have to go home, and I think I’m, like, still kinda fucked up cause I can’t remember where I live…”

“Yet you remember where we live?” she replied skeptically.

“You guys are mad close! I walked here! But I made, like, three wrong turns on the way. I was thinking Q could give me a lift. Mami called freaking out. Apparently I’ve been missing for two days…I didn’t even know…”

Charlie started laughing again and shook her head. “Sorry, Quinn’s not here. I think she’s out with Rachel.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll take you. Let me just change first. The bet ended exactly…” she looked at the clock, “seventeen minutes ago and I’m dying to take off these tights. I don’t know how Rachel wears them!”

The Latina grimaced and scratched her leg. “I know right? Chick’s crazier than I thought.”

They went upstairs together, Santana wanted to borrow something to wear so she could change too. She missed a step and fell, so Charlie had to help her up the rest of the way, chortling all the while. They passed Quinn’s room and stopped when they heard loud moans coming from behind the closed door. Santana made a disgusted face, while Charlie turned paler than usual.

“Looks like Q had them same idea we did,” she snorted. “Getting Berry’s tights off.”

“OH GOD, QUINN!” Rachel’s voice came through loud and clear. “T-t-that’s so good! GOD! Ohhh! YES! K-keep doing that!”

Santana was making gagging noises while Charlie grabbed her arm and started pulling her back towards the stairs.

“We’re leaving now,” she snapped.

“Naw, wait up a sec!” She yanked her arm out of Charlie’s fierce grip and pounded on the door loudly. “YO, BERRY! GAG YOUR FUCKING MOUTH IF YOU HAVE TO! Q’S ROOM AIN’T SOUNDPROOF! NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TRAUMATIZED BY YOUR LEZZIE FUCKMETIME SCREAMING!”

There was a small yelping sound and Charlie snagged Santana’s hand again, dragging her down the stairs and out the door. Furious footsteps pounded behind them and she didn’t have to look back to know Quinn was chasing them in a rage.

Big sis never did like to be interrupted.

They barely made it into the car before Quinn ran out the door in just a tank top and her underwear. She banged her hands on the hood, shouting at Santana about how she would pay for that in Cheerios practice. Santana only smirked and gave her a wave as Charlie peeled out of the driveway.

She broke at least twenty different traffic laws and nearly caused two collisions on the way to Santana’s house. The Latina was too amused and stoned to notice.

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