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wowp - even more jalex gif's

No, you're not seeing things, it's more jalex gif's! Mostly from S3, one from S1 of them dancing. I actually have a couple questions for you guys so if you could comment and let me know the answers, it'd be really helpful! These are smaller gif's than the ones I posted before, some are in b&w.
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40 gif's under the cut

FUN FACT! Michael DeLuise (David DeLuise's brother) played Luke's dopey brother-in-law T.J. on "Gilmore Girls"! (I just discovered that and felt like sharing.)

**EDIT** LMFAO!!! One of the gif's got removed because it was too "inappropriate" for ImageShack. *dies* It's DISNEY!!! Even Imageshack knows they're not on the up and up there... LOL!


**NOTE** I suppose I should warn you, a few gif's have some mild sexual implications, but it's not like I did anything to them other than what was shown on Disney! haha.


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